Passing through Connecticut.

It is the midnight hour, embarking on my journey to college with my family!

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Happy August 15th!!

I always find myself wanting to know who the anons are that ask me questions..I kind of wanna follow them!!

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Do you have a tumblr goal? Like followers you want to get by the end of the year or any art-related goals you want to accomplish before 2015? : )

Asked by Anonymous

Hm, do I have a tumblr goal? Well to be honest, I really want to focus on improving my art skills. Like doing those before and after memes and such. Or maybe have an artist table at a con or something. That kind of stuff. Also, by the end of the year I would like my digital art skills to improve and maybe even put up small animations. Although that may take some more time haha.  I don’t have a specific number of followers I want though! I appreciate the small amount of followers I have! (Thanks to my 190 followers! Stay awesome!) 

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